Food, + Vitamin + Mineral Supplements

My goal is to provide nourishment to everyone at an affordable cost, and share holistic knowledge and network people with care providers. If you are on the verge of sickness or want to clean up your diet, I’ll come make a soup, east indian dish, and tea. We can practice Qi gong when you are well to strengthen.

If your know what you need, browse Emerson Ecologics’ website and send me the name of what you want. Your doctor can best advise which supplement Your vitamins and minerals will be delivered by bicycle to your door, or to wherever you might be out and about, by yours truly. I’ll tell you the gift economy sliding scale price range and order what you need, and I’m happy to help you interpret any labs with the use of my book library in SE Portland, Oregon.  I can deliver them to you on bicycle, or have them shipped to your door.


1,000 Hands Buddha Qigong Class

I teach a peaceful sitting form that heals the body, mind and spirit with graceful hand mudras, symbolical positioning of Buddha’s fingers. The form is said to remove suffering, fortify energy, calm the heart and mind and help the spirit attain wisdom. As it taps into a creative, calm energy, it leads the way to happiness and health, fighting stress and maintaining the memory.